Our Story

A New Hope Farm is a first-generation family operated farm located in Winsted, CT

A New Hope Farm was founded in the summer of 2014. During John’s time in the horticultural program at Naugatuck Valley Community College, he was inspired by market gardening, the native plant, and local food movement. In 2015, A New Hope Farm started growing vegetables and native plants for sale on a small plot of land. Meanwhile, John was operating A New Hope Farm as well as holding the position as propagator at Earth Tones Native Plant Nursery.


John and Michalina met in the summer of 2017. Michalina was buying vegetables at A New Hope Farm’s farm stand. Both born and raised in the city of Waterbury, Connecticut, John and Michalina always had strong ties to their community.


After the arrival of their daughter Grace in January 2020, John and Michalina shifted their focus entirely on their family and the farm. 

 About the Farm 

We currently grow specialty produce for The Farm Club and local restaurants on ¼ acre of land in Winsted, CT. We provide consultation services for market gardens and professional cannabis grow operations. We are authorized retailers for McEnroe Organic Soil and Compost, as well as authorized BCS retailers.


We are members of the Young Farmers Coalition and have signed CT NOFA Farmer’s Pledge!

Our growing practices include:

  • Rejecting the use of synthetic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers

  • Rejecting the use of GMOs

  • Low till/ No till methods

  • Maintain healthy soils by rotating crops annually, using compost, and cover crops

  • Conserve natural resources by reducing erosion and pollution of air, soil, and water through responsible farming practices

  • Create beneficial habitat for wildlife and encourage biodiversity

  • Ensure food safety by using potable water for washing crops

  • Use ethical business practices

  • Treat family members and farm workers with respect, and ensure their safety on the farm

  • Work in cooperation with other farmers and with the neighboring community to create a more sustainable way of life

  • Sustain the land in healthy condition for future generations

We offer a weekly produce subscription called The Farm Club. All produce is provided by us at A New Hope Farm. Members who join The Farm Club commit financially to supporting our farm for the growing season, and in exchange receive a weekly subscription of our products. Our online store features essentials like local eggs, dairy, bread, and more!


Our Mission is to bring our community together by growing food

We work with other local farms and businesses to provide our community with fresh food that can be trusted. We believe that when farmers and small businesses work together, we can accomplish more progress within our local communities.

Our Collaborations

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