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A New Hope Farm is one of the best upcoming farms in the area. Their produce is free of sprays and chemicals and is wonderful tasting. My boyfriend and I went to visit the farm about a month ago and they walked us through the gardens and described all the different vegetables they had. We took some veggies home, cooked up the eggplant in the oven the next night and enjoyed a home cooked meal, which had more flavor than you'll find in a restaurant. Michalina and John are very kind and professional but also very family oriented. If you're looking for a new - and better - alternative to store sold produce, a New Hope Farm is the way to go.

Garret Reich

A wonderful variety of fresh, quality produce! Many choices in their CSA
Multiple pick up locations and times. New Hope Farm even posts recipes on their website. Highly recommended!

Cindy Olbrys

Produce is out of this world fresh and the farmers are friendly, knowledgeable and clearly have a passion for their work.

Barbara Voils

Always fresh produce, great prices and most knowledgeable staff

Jarryd Maslak

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